Image Source: Getty Images
Image Source: Getty Images

Judge Dismisses DJ’s Lawsuit Against Pop Singer Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift earned a legal victory after a judge dismissed the lawsuit filed against her by the former Denver DJ who the singer says groped her back in 2013. 

Dismissing his claim against the 27-year-old singer, the judge stated that since DJ David Mueller couldn’t prove that she ruined his career over allegations, the pop star will not be held liable for his subsequent firing from the KYGO radio station, according to international media reports. 

Additionally, four of the five claims made by Mueller, who was seeking up to $3 million in damages, against her radio liaison Frank Bell and mother Andrea Swift were dismissed.

Refuting Swift's groping claims, Mueller sued the singer, her mother and their radio handler. The singer-songwriter said in her countersuit that she wanted a symbolic $1 and the chance to stand up for other women.

Earlier, Swift testified that Mueller made "a definite grab ... A very long grab. He grabbed my ass underneath my skirt" while posing for a photograph at the meet-and-greet, adding that the incident was "horrifying and shocking." The photographer who snapped the picture also testified that she witnessed the alleged groping.