Think Panipuri, Think Jaipur

Team Republic |

You are not really a true desi , if you aren’t a fan of Pani puri. It goes by many names, Gol gappa in the north, puchka in the east, pani patashi for some but thanks to Mumbai, it is largely everyone’s favorite pani puri. But what’s in the name? In the case of pani puri, everything is about what’s inside it- ragda or aalu, khatta or meetha.

Everybody has their own taste when it comes to pani puris,  and just when you thought you had possibly tried all varieties, the Golgappa walas of Jaipur have gone creative. Earlier the variant used to be the masala in the puri  or if you look hard enough, you’ll get the suji puri but now it’s the paani. In Jaipur, a new generation of Golgapppas is taking over with almost 10 different kinds of paani to choose from! Yes, Golgappa lovers, Jaipur just climbed to the first spot on every foodie’s travel bucket list!

Throughout the city, these chaat stalls just got bigger and heavier with 5 or more matkas, containing different juices for you to dip your panipuri in. the most common ones are- Pudina,Jeera rai, lehsun, hajma and the regular one.

On talking to the roadside vendors, we found out that preparation of all these juices takes good 6-7 hours in the Rajasthani heat, and so far the public has been positive about the experiment, with hajma paani leading the roast.

Earlier too, the pink city had been active in experimenting with its chaat. In Sargasulli, you’ll get Golgappas the size of your fist! Since a decade, Jaipur has been bustling with falahaar centres- looking after the cravings of people on fasts.

Whichever corner of the country you hail from, you are no stranger to the tangy sweet delight that Pani puri is, so give your taste buds the surprise they deserve and do not delay the Rajasthan tour you have been waiting for!