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5 Exciting Vacations You Need To Take With Your Girl Gang Right Now

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Imagine days spent in endless conversations with your girlfriends and evenings echoing with quiet laughter. Imagine sharing one too many bottles of wine by the sea and under the sun.

Sound good?

Does it also sound like it has been close to an era since you all got together? And remind you of that one plan made years ago, that has now gone stale. Well, it's about time you remedy the situation. Because the older you get, the busier you will become. The bigger the job, the bigger will be its demands and adulthood will somehow always manage to preclude you from embarking on that epic adventure you think will happen someday. And while that liberating solo trip has its perks, it could never match up to the sheer delight of an all-girls trip.

Together you can breeze through that taxing morning trek up to the summit with lengthy discussions about everything under the sun. Or while away the latter half of the day, marvelling at every monument, every monastery on the way and collecting souvenirs and trinkets from every pitstop. Not to forget, the few hundred selfies and pictures that will end up flooding your camera. The evenings can be reserved for dancing the night away, uninhibited, because your girlfriends will be there to watch your back. You're also guaranteed to never feel homesick, for the girls will be in the next room, wired with a motherly reminder about the charger, the sunscreen, the passport and also, certain conversations that will end up staying with you long after the trip is over.

So create that umpteenth WhatsApp group, get them all together – the ones you met in college, the childhood chums and the interesting colleague, and get planning. And when you return, barring the truckload of memories you come back with, perspectives would have been rejuvenated and camaraderies, strengthened. Whether you want to explore the towering mountains of beautiful Bhutan or bask under the glorious Kerala sun — it’s time to get your gang together and tick these off your bucket list.

For sun-doused beaches: Greece (7N/8D)

Credits: Hello Lightbulb

From the capital city of Athens, the glamorous island of Mykonos to Santorini's stunning coastline flanked by the majestic Aegean sea, travel to Greece for both a slice of history and a legendary part scene.

Cost: ₹1,47,806 | Book now!

For evergreen rolling hills: Kerala (5N/6D)

Credits: Vivek Kumar

God's Own Country will greet you with a tropical jumble of evergreen hills, palm-fringed beaches, and coffee, tea and spice plantations. You will return with a gazillion pictures by the sweeping beaches and shimmering backwaters of Kerala.

Cost: ₹25,099 | Book now!

For magical mountains: Bhutan (7N/8D)

Credits: RKTKN

The Land of Dragons will welcome you with prayer flags, vibrant monasteries and apple orchards. If you and your gang are seeking adventure, Bhutan’s breathtaking valleys and peaks offer biking, kayaking and rafting activities nearly all year round.

Cost: ₹37,999 | Book now!

For shimmering beaches: Bali (4N/5D)

Credits: Matteo lorenzoni

Bali or the Island of the Gods, sits in the middle of Indonesia and welcomes you with an abundance of mountains, rocky coastlines and sandy seas. Don't leave here without spending several laidback days lounging by the pristine white waters of Bali's numerous beaches.

Cost: ₹55,048 | Book now!

For a dose of culture: Singapore - Malaysia (6N/7D)

Credits: Mike Enerio

From Malaysia's assortment of cultures and flavours, a dash of colonial heritage and lovely blue beaches to Singapore's iconic skyline and bustling nightlife, this holiday is perfect for a legendary trip with your girls.

Cost: ₹78,579 | Book now!

Credits: Hưng Nguyễn

So take out your travel planner, get your friends together and start booking!