(Picture Credits: PTI)
(Picture Credits: PTI)

Lessons To Learn From India's Struggle For Independence

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Our National leaders have left a more prominent effect on us while helping us achieve Independence. How about we discover HOW!!

As the country sprouts in pride and respect and ventures into the 71st year of Independence, we might pause for a minute to recall our superheroes, also known as our freedom fighters. They are the ones who yielded their lives for the nation, as well as assumed an indispensable part in the transmitting awareness and lessons that made them effective in their perception to see India prosper as a free country.

How to be a good leader:

Envision if none of our legends developed as our leaders in any case. Would India be able to gain independence? For any goal to be accomplished, one must have a sight. The pioneers of the country had a disclosure which was a result of instinct and energy that helped them construct approaches to send the foreign invaders out from the nation.

Working as a team:

We were a nation of different clans , identities, beliefs and origins; however we fought for our nation as one, and that's why we won

Well thought out planning:

Civil Disobedience, Non Cooperation and Non Violence movements are probably the most critical cases of surprising yet most impactful idea started by Mahatma Gandhi.

Goal oriented:

It was the ultimate goal of our freedom fighters like Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi to make our nation free from colonial power. 

Invention of new ideas:

The specialty of conceptualizing and putting those thoughts in real life is the thing that can make an impact. For instance, salt walk of Dandi was an innovative thought of Mahatma Gandhi.

While it happened 70 years ago, there are still some lessons that would always stay with us and inspire the young.