Movies In Your Pyjamas? This Cafe Gives Coke, Popcorn & Mattresses For Only INR 100

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The South Delhi Kitchen

Shahpur Jat

Ten-Second Takeaway

We told you about a cool community cafe in Shahpur Jat. Remember? They’re now hosting Popcorn Fridays for everyone who’s bored of Netflix-ing at home. The idea: You and your pals can pay INR 100 and enjoy a film curled up on their floor seating, sipping Coke and stuffing popcorn into your faces.

Here's What Goes Down

Much as we love movies, Delhi theatres aren’t for us. The food’s insanely overpriced. There are always tantrum throwing babies and the idea of dressing up, even to sit in a dark hall… Feel our agony? Well, you’ll love South Delhi Kitchen’s new Friday parties.

The cafe’s plan is as simple as it gets. It’s like bunking over at a friend’s. The movie starts on a Friday evening at 7.30pm so you can land up after office with your favourite movie buffs without worrying about the pay day being weeks away – cover charge is INR 100 only and it gets you popcorn and fizz. It’s even better that their affordably-priced menu has Maggi, momos and North Indian because you know you’re going to need more reinforcements after that bag of buttery popcorn gets over.

So far, they’ve screened Dil Chahta Hai, Chef and Vicky Donor. 

So, We're Saying...

You can keep track of the upcoming movie nights here. Now go get the comfiest pair of PJs out!