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Arnab has six simple and hard-hitting questions for the pseudo-secular lobby. With these six questions, he is asking whether the Lutyens' secularati will apologise to Col Purohit and his family.

Here are Arnab's six questions: 

1. Can anyone deny that the move to label Col Purohit a 'Hindu terrorist' was political?

2. Congress leaders who propped up the lie about "Hindu terror" used Col Purohit as validation. True or False?

3. Col Purohit's case was used to equalise the idea of Hindu terror as a counterbalance to the reality of Islamic terrorism. True or false?

4. Pakistan used Col Purohit as an example to build up the idea of Muslims in India being killed by "Hindu terror". The pseudo-secular lobby helped Pakistan do this. True or false?

5. On other cases against Islamic terrorists, the pseudo-secular lobby says don't pass judgment till the final court order. Why didn't they apply this rule in the case of Col Purohit? 

6. The most relevant question: Who will give Col Purohit his nine years; his honour and his family, redemption for what they went through. Will the secularati apologise?