Taylor Swift is coming back (Getty Images)
Taylor Swift is coming back (Getty Images)

Phoenix Taylor Swift To Rise Form The Ashes And Take On The Green Serpent Kim Kardashian?

Ankit Prasad |

It's been over a year now since Kim Kardashian destroyed Taylor Swift by snapchatting a secretly videotaped conversation between Swift and Kim's husband Kanye, where she clearly gave him permission to refer to her in an upcoming song. The savage takedown came mere weeks after Swift's own break-up with Calvin Harris and the latter's subsequent betrayal. 

To be sure, 2016 was not Taylor Swift's greatest year. In 2015, she had clearly reigned supreme. Her song Bad Blood was a chart-topper and served the dual purposes of giving her an edge over her bete-noir Katy Perry, and also showcasing her ginormous girl gang led by Selena Gomes.  The multiple Grammy-winner seemed unstoppable. Until Kardashian's Cersei Lannister-esque takedown.

Since then, Taylor's been licking her wounds. A sensational whirlwind relationship with Avengers star Tom Hiddleston did little to distract from what she'd suffered, and apart from penning a heartfelt note for her friend (and no more) Ed Sheeran when he was inducted into Time's 100 Most Influential list, she's been rather quiet. 

Of course, while Swift's not done much talking by herself, she's definitely been in the news. She recently won a high-profile lawsuit against a radio host whom she accused of groping. And now, fresh off that victory, she's going to be getting a makeover... imagewise.

The first step towards this makeover was Swift's sensational clearing of her social media profiles. One of the most followed celebrities in Instagram and Twitter, Tay-tay's current social media assets contain just a couple of posts. But those posts are highly interesting. They contain the slithering tail of some sort of green reptilian creature -- the first sign, not of Swift being sorted into Slytherin house, but rather, her upcoming single, which has now been announced and will be coming out this week!

Here's the post:


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The snake is most likely a reference to a couple of nasty Twitter exchanges concerning Kim Kardashian. As per sources, while the track follows in the footsteps of 1989's pop vibe, "it doesn't sound like anything she's done before. It's a little unusual. She plays around with new sounds each album cycle, but this one, in particular stands out."

Kardshian had better be ready. Because Winter is coming for her!