The obverse side of the new Rs. 200 note (ANI)
The obverse side of the new Rs. 200 note (ANI)

Here's The First Look At The New 200 Rupees Note Which Arrives Tomorrow

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Just a day after receiving the Union Government's authorisation for the issuance of currency notes of Rs. 200 denomination, the Reserve Bank of India has announced that the notes will be entering circulation starting Friday and has also revealed the design.

The note is largely orange-brown in colour. Its design is similar to the new series of 2000, 500 and 50 rupees notes. On the front is an image of Mahatma Gandhi and on the back is the iconic Stupa at Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh.

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Here's the new Rs. 200 note:

The new Rs. 200 note

And here's the actual Stupa at Sanchi: 

stupa at sanchi

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The new notes are certain to be equipped with all the advanced anti-counterfeiting security features that the new series provides. The new series of notes entered circulation in the aftermath of last November's Demonetisation at which point, the existing Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes ceased to be legal tender in an effort to clamp-down on black money and counterfeiting.