10 Things You Should Know About The New Rs 200 Note

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The Ministry of Finance on Wednesday formally announced the launch of the Rs 200 note.

“The central government hereby specifies the denomination of bank notes of the value of Rs 200,” a Gazette notification said.

The notification has been issued under Section 24 of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, and on the recommendations of the Central Board of Directors of the RBI. Earlier, Minister of State for Finance Santosh Kumar Gangwar told IANS that the Rs 200 note, printing of which had begun, would be in circulation soon. This move has been made in a bid to increase the circulation of smaller-denomination notes.

Post demonetisation, there have been reports of people facing problems in using the Rs 2,000 note as sufficient quantum of smaller-denomination notes of Rs 100 and Rs 500 were not available.

Here are the 10 things to know:

  1. The Rs 200 notes are of the size 66 mm x 146 mm.
  2. The new notes also have a logo of Swachh Bharat or Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Clean India’ campaign.
  3. The new denomination has the Sanchi Stupa motif on the reverse. 
  4. The plan for Rs 200 notes was cleared by the Ministry of Finance; the design has reportedly been approved by the Prime Minister’s Office.
  5. On August 25, the RBI will issue Rs 200 denomination banknotes in the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series, bearing the signature of Dr. Urjit R. Patel, RBI Governor.
  6. The notes will have see-through register with denominational numeral 200, also printed in Devanagari.
  7. Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi to be at the centre. Micro letters ‘RBI’, ‘भारत’, ‘India’, and ‘200’ to be printed on the note. The colour of the thread changes from green to blue when the note is tilted.
  8. For the visually impaired: Intaglio or raised printing of Mahatma Gandhi portrait, Ashoka Pillar emblem, raised identification mark H with micro-text ₹200, four angular bleed lines with two circles in between the lines both on the right and left sides.
  9. The base colour of the note is bright yellow.
  10. The note has other designs, geometric patterns aligning with the overall colour scheme, both at the obverse and reverse.