No Membership Needed: Play Tennis, Squash, Go Swimming And More At The Andheri Sports Complex

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Sports enthusiasts, and Andheri residents, if you’re looking for a space to play badminton, tennis and more, head over to the Andheri Sports Complex.

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Andheri Sports Complex offers a variety of facilities and is situated on the Veera Desai road. One of the well-equipped complexes in the city – it has been home to many concerts hosting international artists, various cricket matches and so on.

The sports complex was built in 1988 and is also known as Shahaji Raje Krida Sankul. As recently as 2014, they built a football stadium here that follows the FIFA guidelines.

What We Love

Photo Source: Tabble via Pixabay [CC0]

We love the fact that here you don’t really need a membership, as long as you are with a member. You can just pay at the door and use the facilities, so call up that friend with the membership, and take him/her along. However, if you’d like to take one, they do have annual memberships as well.

They have an Olympic-sized swimming pool {and you don’t need to be a member here}. They have badminton courts, squash courts and tennis courts. You do, however, need to book the courts in advance less you’re willing to wait in the evenings. They also have karate and yoga classes at the stadium that happen quite regularly.

Fun fact: Michael Jackson performed here back in 1996 when he was touring the world for his HIStory World Tour.

So, We're Saying...

Andheri Sports Complex is a great centre for getting involved in sports, and use your evenings in a purposeful manner. We’ve been here multiple times, and we just had to pay for our time at the court. The prices keep changing, so make sure to call up in advance and rec-check the current price.