Walking Dead AR Game Will Let Users Hack Zombies In Real Life

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Walkers are coming to the real world. No, not the white walkers from Game of Thrones. A new augmented reality based game called Walking Dead: Our World is being prepped for release right now. The concept is similar to Pokemon Go, although the content is not. The game will allow players to run around on the streets, killing walkers. According to AMC, the game is will “fully immerse” players in the action.

The launch video showcases a pretty immersive game indeed. Of course, like Pokemon Go, the final result will probably not be the same. Yet, Walking Dead is a powerful enough name for the game to go viral.

Walking Dead: Our World is a result of partnership between AMC and Next Games. Next Games is also the company that developed Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, a mobile game that has over 16 million downloads right now.

On the iPhone, the new game is built using Apple’s ARKit. The company showcased the game as part of its upcoming collection of AR-based applications recently. We don’t have a release date just yet, but given that it’s part of Apple’s iOS 11 AR release, it should only be a matter of time.