This Initiative Has Brought Ganpati Bappa To Mumbai’s Visually Impaired

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Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations fill the entire city with enthusiasm, and everyone is excited about bringing their favourite deity home. While all of Mumbai is busy with the preparations for the festival, Growel’s 101, a mall located in Kandivali, has collaborated with 121 Experiences to make the idol of Lord Ganesha with materials used for teaching language to those suffering from visual impairment.

While most of us are privileged to have eyes so we can appreciate and savour the idol’s beauty, there are those who, unfortunately, are unable to experience the same joy. This groundbreaking initiative was taken so that the visually impaired can feel how the idol of Lord Ganesha looks.

In a statement released by them, they said,

While we can see how magnificent an idol looks and how beautiful the decorations are, there are many who are denied this privilege. In order to make them visualise how the idol actually looks, the easiest way is to make them feel it. This initiative is undertaken in order to try to paint them a picture of what Lord Ganesh’s idols actually look like.

Meanwhile, they are conducting an awareness programme so people can understand the plight of those suffering from visual impairment, and are also encouraging people to donate their eyes posthumously.

A huge space of 20 feet by 30 feet has been designated in Growel’s 101 for this specially made idol. The invitations have been sent across to numerous blind schools all over the city to reach out to as many visually challenged people as possible. The idol will be on display in the mall until today.