Eat On The Go: Borivali's Newest Eatery Resembles The Inside Of An AC Coach

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Hungry JD’s, a restaurant inspired by a train AC coach, is Borivali’s latest addition to the food scene.

What's It Like?

Like a good coming-of-age story, this food truck that would roam about the insides of a business park in Navi Mumbai, is now all grown up and a fully grounded restaurant.

At Hungry JDs, if you take a seat inside you might find yourself momentarily disoriented, as the place oddly resembles somewhere you’ve been. Then you realise, it’s the interiors of a local AC train. Outside, they have a large open-area for seating, with six food carts serving different items of food – everything made with an Indian twist. Starting with the snacks, they have spinach idli, paneer chilli stuffed idli, different types of pakodas, and even jalapeno dhoklas on the menu.

The options seem never ending really with a piri piri samosa up for grabs, as well as your favourite street food items like the bhel puri {made Itaian}, sev puri, samoa chaat and more quirk with sriracha-filled pani puri.

Find more comfort food such as the pav bhaji and its many forms, rolls, sandwiches and even dosas {there’s one involving mushrooms and feta cheese, just sayin’}. Throw in a few pizza options, waffles and call it a day here.

So, We're Saying...

We think that Hungry JD’s would be the perfect spot for a large group, as there is something for every kind of foodie here. When are you making a plan to visit?