Forget Dilli Haat, This Crafts Mela Has A Handicrafts Bazaar, Traditional Food & Workshops

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What Is It?

In celebration of the world of art and crafts, Craft Village has a whole day of activities planned. On October 15, starting from 11am to 7pm, they’ve got a beautiful crafts market, regional Indian food, folk music, interactive sessions around craft traditions and hands-on workshops on upcycling, calligraphy, pottery and more.

All this will be happening simultaneously so your serious, artsy friend could be admiring award-winning artists’ exhibited works while you could be eating all the food or shopping for handicrafts for your cosy, little 2bhk.

Who Is It For?

Crafts enthusiasts, those curious about the relevance of traditional crafts or their future or even those who don’t mind a quick art workshop.

We’re looking at all the lovers of handmade stuff and cherished weaves. Also, those who are hoping to become craftpreneurs.

Why Should I Go For It?

Craftsmen and indie brands dedicated to promoting India’s rich crafts heritage will all be there. We’re told there’ll even be participants from Sri Lanka, Mexico and more than 15 other countries from all over the world. So, if you’re into hoarding clothes, home decor, accessories, stationery, toys and more brands that promote local crafts guilds, this is exactly the place for you to show your love and support. 

Padma Shri awardees {Laila Tyabji, Shakir Ali}, NID’s distinguished alumni, champions of sustainable ideas from Milan, national award winners like Manisha Jha {also the ambassador for Santa Fe Tribal Art Festival, USA}, founders of the Craft Village and awarded artists from Mexico… There’ll be insightful interactive sessions with all these panelists discussing dyeing, embroideries, the introduction of craft education and other pressing issues surrounding the culture of crafts.

Studious stuff not your jam? Well, there are also fun, hands-on workshops to try. Madhubani, Patachitra, clay pottery or just learning to upcycle stuff you already have {use that dupatta as a curtain, maybe?}. You can try your hands at all the above with the sessions being led by seasoned experts.

All these apart, you can enjoy Rajasthani folk dance and songs by Manganiar community who have a family history of singing folk music for the last 700 years! 

Anything Else?

Craft Village is also hosting the Crafts Awards a day before {Oct 14} and all the awardees’ work will be exhibited at the festival along with other artworks ranging from miniature paintings and ikat to camel braiding.

You need to register here in case you intend on going. The entry fees is INR 500 and if you’re keen on participating in an art workshop, you’ll get all the guidance and materials for INR 1,000. Buy the tickets here.

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When: Oct 15

Where: Craft Village

Timings: 11am – 7pm