Golgappas, Papdi Chaat, Pav Bhaji & Samosas: Visit These 9 Stalls For The Best Street Food In Delhi

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Street food is basically bae. From spicy aloo chaat to everyone’s favourite golgappas, we can collectively agree that no matter the time or the place, street food can satisfy a hunger no other kind of food can. Also, your wallet doesn’t take a hit like it would at a restaurant or a cafe.

We’re sharing some of our favourites with you. Tell us yours in the comments section below.

Chaat Corner In East Patel Nagar

This little stall has been serving street food for over 25 years. When we say they’ve mastered the game, we mean it. Try their Papdi Chaat and Aloo Tikki. They don’t have any official address and if that’s not the mark of a true street food vendor, we don’t know what is. So, just locate Bake Club and you’ll see it right across the road.

Gupta Sweets And Namkeen In Punjabi Bagh

Famous for their Aloo Chaat, this little place on Club Road in Punjabi Bagh has to be one of West Delhi’s street food gems. You might end up setting your mouth ablaze with this spicy treat and they’ve got jalebis to counter that.

Pappu Chaat Bhandar In Connaught Place


Serving patrons for 30 years, Pappu’s got his chaat skills down. This little street food haven in CP offers life changing Aloo Chaat for the street food connoisseurs. There’s also a fruit chaat available and maybe you can order that one for dessert.

#LBBTip: Parking’s scarce, so you might wanna park somewhere in Janpath and walk the rest of the way.

Moti Lala Thela In Safdarjung

If hygiene is something that scare’s you off street food, Moti Lala Thela’s got you covered. They offer amazing golgappas made with Bisleri water, so you can be at peace with delish street food. The place also offers golgappa water in a coconut shell {umm, wow!}.

Chaat Corner In Aurobindo Market

You can gorge on delicious Pav Bhaji and Bombay ki Bhel at this little shop. It’s located somewhere in Aurobindo Market, surrounded by tailors and home appliance stores. Let the search begin!

Padam Chaat Corner In Chandni Chowk

You can’t talk street food without Chandni Chowk, it’s a sin. This chaat palace has Pani Puri, Kachori, Rajkachori, Bhalla Paapdi, Papdi Chaat, and Kalmi Vada on offer. Talk about variety, huh? Famous for his ‘variety’ golgappas, Panditji will serve you four Paani Puris, each with a different taste. Why don’t you head over there and find out what they are?

Daulat Ki Chaat In Chandni Chowk

This one’s only available in winter and is less chaat and more magic. Made from milk and cream {we have no clue how} and topped with Kesar, Khoya, and nuts. It requires around three hours of just churning milk and the result is very much worth it. You need to eat it to believe it.

Rathore Chaat Caterers In Vikaspuri

How can we miss out on samosas and bread pakoras if we’re mentioning street food? You need to head to this tiny, yellow stall for a mouthful of spicy bread pakoras and tasty Samosas {oh, little triangles of heaven}. You might wanna figure out parking since it’s located on the main road.

Vaishno Chaat Bhandar In Kamla Nagar

Golgappas and Aloo Chaat are their forte and we couldn’t agree more. Just try to be satisfied with only one plate of each {psst, it’s gonna be hard}. They also have Dahi Bhalla and Pav Bhaji if you’re in the mood for those. You can seal the meal with their Kulfi Faluda and call it a happy night.