Forget Cronuts, Braffles Is The New Favourite Dessert Mashup In Town

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What Did I Like?

Cronuts {croissant + doughnut pastry} have been wooing people around the globe for some time now. But...but now there is a competition for Cronuts in the market, and they're called Braffles {brownie + waffles}! That's right, brownies and waffles join together in a sweet harmony and add thick salted caramel sauce and well you have a winner.

For peeps who don't have a waffle maker at home and are too lazy to go out for breakfast, the sight of soggy, home-delivered Waffles is all too familiar. But I'm happy to report that the Braffles from Joocy definitely pass the home delivery test and are really amazing.

What's My Pro Tip?

Though the braffles were absolutely my favourite, their mutton berry pulao was pretty spectacular as well. It was flavourful and that too with a good portion. I also ordered a fresh fruit parfait and strawberry & banana shake. Both of them hit the spot well, so you may try them too.

Anything Else?

It's quite VFM here as a meal for two with shakes and desserts included would cost around INR 750. Also, the braffles cost just INR 150 for two thick pieces.