Travel To Northeast India To See The World’s Only Floating National Park

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Loktak Lake, known for being the largest freshwater lake in Eastern India, is 53 km away from Imphal, in Bishnupur district. Loktak Lake has numerous floating swamps, also known as phumdis. The national park is a part of the largest floating swamp.

Located in Manipur, this national park is home to an endangered species of deer, the Eld’s or brow-antlered deer. Also known as sangai, this deer is the state animal of Manipur and is an integral part of their culture. There is an annual dance and music festival named after this deer. The total count of sangai in this park stood at 204 as per the April 2014 census.

The other animals which inhabit this park are hog deer, flying foxes, sambars, large Indian civets, and wild boars, among many others. Rich in flora and fauna, Keibul Lamjao National Park is a moist semi-evergreen forest. Visitors can also spot the Himalayan black bear and Malayan bear. Exquisite birds like the East Himalayan pied kingfisher, black kite, and many others can be found in this paradise.

The park has beautiful houseboats to take the visitors around the place. Several travellers, photographers, and wildlife enthusiasts come here to marvel at the floating islands along with the exquisite animals.