Here's Where You Can Try Flyboarding, The Latest Adventure Sport To Hit Goa

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Ten-Second Takeaway

If you want to fly around on the water’s surface and feel like a superhero defying nature’s laws, you need to try the latest adventure sport in Goa: flyboarding.

What Is It?

In flyboarding, we use a board that enables us to use water pressure to fly above a water body. The board is connected to a jet ski with a 10 mm pipe which pumps water into the board propelling it upwards. The instructor sitting on the jet ski will control the pressure whilst you in a life jacket and helmet soar above, sometimes up to 10 metres.

And after some practice, you could think of yourself as a dolphin and go diving, flipping or spinning in the water.

Is It Safe?

Like any adventure sport, there is always a risk. But with all the safety precautions taken and adequate gear like the helmet and life jacket, it is pretty safe. Plus if you fall in the water, generally the water will cushion you. And it is important to follow all the safety instructions. The best part, you don’t even need to be a swimmer to try out this sport, just remember to manage your balance.

Where Can I Try It?

Currently, there are two companies offering flyboarding in Goa, the Atlantis Watersports and Flyboard Nation. Both operate along the Chapora River on Chopdem Jetty in Goa. You have to be 13 years and older, with packages of multiple time durations available.


For an additional charge, they will provide photos and videos too.