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More For Donald Trump? Twitter Tests Out Extending Character Limit

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With all the talks of brevity and keeping it to the point, it seems like Twitter is finally giving up. For the first time in history, Twitter is changing its character limit. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The social networking site announced on Tuesday that it will be doubling its character limit. 

Twitter will be doubling its character count for tweets from the previous 140 characters to 280 characters for some of its users. The test stage will include users those who tweet in certain languages including English, Spanish and Portuguese, according to international media reports. 

Twitter in the past had teased with the idea of expanding its character limit before, with CEO Jack Dorsey hinting about it in the past. Earlier this year, twitter made inroads into the new update by removing the user handles from replies and instead linking them in the text above the tweet. 

Does the move make any sense?

Twitter hopes that people will embrace the change but are also expecting some backlash from the ‘loyalists.’ Twitter users recently have been arguing that the platform should focus more on the content than the length of the tweet. 

Twitter continues to face a lot of criticism regarding the content despite the company’s efforts to contain it. Some people have also termed Twitter as a platform for the US President Donald Trump. On Monday, North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said that Trump had declared war when he tweeted that North Korea  ‘won’t be around much longer.’      

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The company also noted that users can convey twice as much in Japanese, Chinese and Korean as compared to languages such as English and Chinese. But so far, the update will be only available to a ‘small group of people’ before launching it to everyone.