Picture Credits: Arvindaksh Tewari
Picture Credits: Arvindaksh Tewari

Driven: 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan

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There are many cars in the category, then comes a vehicle that challenges the status quo... well, this is German, build by the company that has a town and a football team named after it, owns multiple high end brands... so, you'd expect a few things to come standard.

The overview

This list is extensive & they do have some highlights, like the impeccable fit, finish, features, build quality & a certainty that once you're inside, you'll get disconnected from the chaos outside & a second look on the road... check & double check.


What's in the name

Tiguan means tiger in German, but when you glance at it, you come back with the feeling that this tiger is very understated... but it all goes for a toss when you look at it in close proximity... certainly a cat amongst the pigeons.

Looks are subjective & Tiguan comes across a very subtle one... the design grows on you as time passes by; the striking front is the best-looking design element with slender headlights to featuring the led DRL strips, the raked windscreen, all hinting toward form & function.

The side profile is only accentuated by the kink that rises and goes towards the rear, adding relief to a plain side profile... at the rear, things are again understated, as expected of the Volkswagen family... except for the half boomerang tail lamps, with led on the top of the spec model that we have tested.

Power, the tiger

It's the tried and tested, familiar diesel unit powering the Tiguan, producing a tad over 140 bhp... this is where we got a bit sad, we were expecting a higher state of tune at this price! This all vanished once we drove the Tiguan.

The ride on low speeds is a bit on the hard side, the tyres are part of the reason, but once you get an open stretch, all you need is to make are gentle tap on the accelerator to make the Tiguan fly, easy three digits before you know.

But, highways are where the chassis really shines… For the enthusiasts, the "S" mode is the party trick, with the gears holding to the redline above of 5,000 rpm, & coupled with the paddle shifters, it's a fun car to chuck in the corners, stable & poised. Put the Tiguan in sport mode and three digit speeds come up very fast, and the brilliant chassis and handling are the rea hallmark here, so is the torque.

In the city, it's more than enough to amble around; then there are the default "D" and "S" mode on this 7 speed DSG box we have come to love; both for punchy overtakes in the city & for the spirited drivers, there are the paddle shifters as well. Overall, the tried and tested 7 speed DSG & this torquey nature of the motor wants you to make the most of the package, be it in gentle cruising or the hurried overtaking on the highways.

Inside is the hallmark

You open the big doors, which are solid and close with commanding ‘Thud’, then there is the understated, yet modern interior of the Tiguan… the major attraction is the solid build, which gives the impression of lasting forever & the design grows on you.

There are the segment standard features, like the push start-stop, ABS, EBD, host of airbags and the coolest feature is the giant panoramic sun/moon roof. With an airy cabin, huge windows, effective powertrain and an AC unit that chills the cabin in short span of time, this is certainly a place to be… both as a passenger and a driver.

The boot can easily swallow big suitcases, bags & still have space left for some bags from the airport duty free, making this the ideal urban premier product from Volkswagen.

Why buy?

It’s very simple… if you like solid build quality, like to have a hassle-free ownership experience, like the power of diesel & the brilliant DSG from Volkswagen group… oh; did we mention the double takes on the road when you glide past the regular folks in their cars… this is the one vehicle for you.

With the GST price revision, the deals on Tiguan have become sweeter, the chance of having the most premium offering that in a certain way is sharing the platform with the best of luxury vehicle brands is a big draw too.

It is practical, the design looks elegant, the dimensions are compact, the interiors are spacious, it’s a capable vehicle that offers the indestructible build, fit & finish, now even more approachable then before & a guaranteed head turner… we have come to admire the Tiguan & this is certainly a cat amongst pigeons.


  • Great build quality 
  • Road presence 
  • Powerful & punchy engine 
  • Fuel economy


  • Too understated
  • Tyres
  • Hard suspension on low speeds