Drug Trafficking Over Internet Has Increased 50% In Past Two Years

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India is the only nation in the world with licit opium gum production. CIA factbook has also mentioned that India is still fighting largely with illicit narcotic drug abuse and its use is a prime cause of worry. This is an effort to find out the detailed analysis of records that United Nations had given for its 2017 reports on statistics of drugs that had been used across the globe.

We find that till 2015, 35 million users of opioids and 17.7 million users of opiates were involved in the world as users of opium-based produce. It should be borne in mind that the world’s best analgesic medicine ‘morphine’ is also extracted from legal opium production.

UN data also suggests that around 255 million illicit drug users are involved in uses of drugs around the world. A fact sheet representing the entire data set will be suitable to arrive at your own conclusions

The data also suggests that opioid users prior to 2015 were somewhere around 35 million (a data that does not show the difference of numbers of users across the globe). The increase in the number of opiates users has been identified in the UN world drug report of 2017, where 18 million as compared to 17.7 million users of 2015 had started using opiates for addiction. The cannabis and cocaine which are also agriculture based drug agents are basically nourished entirely on illicit basis in southern American continents.

The worrisome part for India which is already fighting with drinking water issues and is passing through world’s biggest sanitation revolution is that hepatitis according to the world drug report can easily be spread through reused syringes of drug users. The report says ‘around 12 million people inject drugs, out of those 1.6 million drug users carry HIV. 6.1 million are carrying hepatitis ‘C'. Some 1.3 million are living with both HIV and hepatitis ‘C’, which makes India a worrisome nation and which also requires more social attention to this serious cause.

Some important features of the report have also been shared with readers to get inside the world of drug uses and their parameters. It is a message to share that whatever opium we produce is strictly observed by government and is believed to be for medicinal uses only. The production follows a stringent set of procedures both traditionally and legally.  

The report is more of a concern for India, as India is continuously facing issues of water-borne diseases that have resulted in more of liver related issues. The current data reveals many things that are of serious concerns.

Another interesting fact is that women are confronting with more drug related disorders than men. The report indicated a 25 per cent hike in women related drug disorder cases rather than 19 per cent cases of men, which is six per cent less than women.

Being, one of the largest legal opium producer and largest opium gum producer in the world. India is more concerned about opium related drug cases. Here is the 2017 world drug report snapshot of opiates related data

Whereas another agricultural produce drug is often in use in US and EU has different statistics of uses, which is a cause of worry for the entire US and Latin American continent.

The Internet has facilitated drug trade in a big way, which has been in the check list of many of the security agencies across the globe. Experts call it a ‘darknet’ instead of calling it internet state a huge 50 per cent increase in smaller level but with huge international attention.