Jutti-Shaped Gamlas & Diyas Under INR 1: The Matka Market Has It All & It's Open Till 3AM!

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Located near Sarojini Nagar Bus Depot on AK Roy Marg is the Matka Market that houses a variety of home decor items all made out of clay. Even if you’re not buying anything {you’d be tempted to though}, just walking through the market and watching artisans at work here is a delight in itself.

They've Got Pot{S} & More

The market is a whole lane of potters who live on this street {reason why it’s open till 3 am} and sell different items like blue Jaipuri pots and vases, diyas, terracotta lamps and black Manipuri matkas too.

It’s the kind of place where you can unearth a gem at every other stall. We found colourful ceramic cup gamlas with black carvings of birds, zebras and even Chota Bheem that could be the perfect green decor for your room. But one of the most unique things we found here would have to be the jutti and other shoe-shaped gamlas that can add just the bit of quirk to your balcony. Earthen hanging pots {INR 150}, ceramic wind chimes with pretty motifs {INR 250}, beautifully hand-painted idols of gods are just some other things we found at this market.

Since Diwali’s around the corner, you’ll find a galore of diyas in different colours {INR 5}, decorated diya platters {INR 50} and the simple clay ones too {12 for INR 10}. If you still haven’t ticked off most of the items on your Diwali shopping list, this place is where you should head to because they’ve got rows of colourful candles, rangolicolour sets {INR 100} and everything you’d need to for a lit Diwali this year.

So, We're Saying...

Affordability, creativity and convenience – the Matka Market has so much to offer that we can’t seem to figure out what we’re most excited about. The fact that you can shop for earthenware at this brightly lit market even at 3am is probably it.