A North Indian's Guide To Throwing A Diwali Party

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Miss the Diwali parties back home? For all those that are from the Northern part of the country or know what ALL Diwali can mean in Delhi- fret not! You can now have a full-blown Delhi Diwali scene right here in Pune. What’s awesome is that the lovely weather here, will allow for a BBQ scene that’s sure to get rid of any homesickness!

Diwali Cleaning

Now, when festive season sets in, the first step to prepping for it is getting your house clean. Even if you’re happy with the state of your place currently and can fold and clear that big pile of clothes on your chair yourself, you’d still need someone to clear the post-party scene off any beer bottles, potato chip crumbs, diyas and rangoli. Chances are your maid won’t be coming in the day after and you’d like to keep things low on the to-do list whilst being hungover!

So, here is the perfect solution. You can now call for someone to clean up after or before the party, go to BookMyBai for reliable help.

Stack Up On Booze

The most important element of your party, the alcohol, needs to be dealt with complete perfection. While you can stock up on alcohol from before, what’s a party where the spirits run out. You might want to bookmark this, for stores that’ll deliver right to your doorstep. Apart from that, make sure you know each guest’s poison and have enough for everybody!

Get The Grub

You might have your alcohol all sorted out, but you need to make sure you get food and munchies for your guests. Since most taash parties go on through the night, you’d need to get dinner. We’d recommend getting either biryani by the kilo or ordering in some pizzas. If you run out of food at some point, you could also order in from places that are open post 3AM. Bookmark this one so that no man goes hungry!

For snacks, you could either get some Budhani chips or for those that like their chakna Indian too, you can go here for some awesome options!

Deal The Cards Out

Food and alcohol done, make sure you go and pick up a couple of decks of playing cards. If you don’t necessarily want this to be a taash-taash party, you can also pick up some other board games like monopoly, scrabble or pictionary. Stop by at a Crossword or Hamley’s store to pick up a game you and your friends can play all night. What’s awesome is that you can always rent a karaoke machine just for the night from RentOne, if games aren’t keeping you entertained enough.

Turn The Music Up

If you’re looking for some awesome music to play you could download Streo, which lets you live stream gigs of artists of your choice from all over the world. Check out the Streo app on Android here and on iOs here. If you’re looking to go old school, you could also get some great 80’s and 90’s Bollywood music cassettes, from The Maharashtra Store. We know cassettes are nearly obsolete, but, hey, to each their own and aren’t they just as cool as LPs! So whether you’re looking for Punjabi gaane for the Big Fat Dilli Diwali vibes or just some Pearl Jam, you’re covered!