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Google Unveils Pay With Google; Makes ‘buying A Breeze’

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With a view to making the checkout process while making payments through mobile phones a tad more easier and convenient, US-based tech MNC Google announced the launch of 'Pay with Google', a new payment method encompassing all saved payment methods under a single window payment. This allows app developers and retailers implement the same using basic lines of code.

The feature is currently available for mobile apps and Chrome and is slated to help users facilitate payments on mobile devices, using any card they have on file.

Apart from speedier checkout for mobile users, Google, through this launch, aims to increase conversions for retailers, by allowing Google users to tap into any payment card a customer has on file with Google, rather than those they've specifically saved to Android Pay. The feature is also expected to ease online shopping through Google Assistant.

"When you pay with Google, you can use any of the credit or debit cards you’ve added to your Google Account from products like Google Play, YouTube, Chrome or Android Pay. Google sends the merchant your payment info and shipping address using the information from your account—no typing required. Then, the merchant will handle all the details just like any other purchase," Google wrote in a blog.

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Google also partnered with over 40 payment providers to make integrations simpler for merchants who want to offer "pay with Google." 

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