Patriotism and nationalism are different
Sandeep Dixit

National Anthem Controversy: 'Standing Up For National Anthem Does Not Mean A Person Is Patriotic,' Says Congress' Sandeep Dikshit

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Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit on Tuesday stirred yet another controversy by demanding a national debate on the anthem controversy. He said patriotism cannot be instilled in people and there is a difference between nationalism and patriotism. On speaking to Republic TV, he said, “In case the government wants a certain modification to the national symbol they should initiate a debate and see whether you are actually doing it for rhetoric or symbolism or if there is something good or substantial.” He added, “just because somebody stands for a national anthem is absolutely no evidence that the person does things which are good for the nation”

Later, top Congress sources told Republic TV, “the earlier interim order making it mandatory to stand for the national anthem in cinema halls was unnecessary.” The source added, “the way we express patriotism is an individual choice.”

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Earlier on Monday, the apex court said that people do not need to stand up in the cinema halls to prove their patriotism and asked the Centre to consider amending the rules for regulating playing of the national anthem in the theatres. The top court also observed that it cannot be assumed that if a person does not stand up for the national anthem, then he is "less patriotic".

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