Major Gaurav Arya interacts with Para Special Force

Major Gaurav Arya explains the weapons used by the Indian Army. Just how are the elite Para special forces selected? Find out more on this episode The Patriot 

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Keeping up with the theme of Nation First No Sacrifice, this page of the website plays home to all your favorites episodes of Patriot with Major Gaurav Arya. A one of a kind show, Patriot on Republic TV is a weekend show where Major Gaurav Arya spends time and gives us a first-hand experience in the life of the brave soldiers who keep our borders safe. From a day in the life of a soldier to interacting with Paratroopers, to learning from and watching sagas of patriotism and bravery, this segment of the website will you a sneak-peek of what it takes to be a soldier in the Indian Army. 

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